Four Reasons Why Marketers Believe Marketing Automation Will be One of the Hottest Trending Technologies of 2016

marketing automation

If you want 2016 to be a hugely successful year for your enterprise, you need to understand the latest and most-happening marketing trends and plan for them. One such trend that will remain under the spotlight continually in 2016 is marketing automation.

If you want improved results from your marketing endeavor, you must be able to strategize smartly, know which marketing ideas will be trending in 2016 and capitalize on them to emerge an early winner. Most marketing experts agree unanimously that marketing automation will be breaking newer grounds in 2016.

Today, marketers are spending most of their time on content. Marketing automation is expected to be worth $5.5 Billion and is fast becoming the single-most effective tool for critical marketing tasks such as lead generation and prospect nurturing. It is evident that the automation industry will see some impressive growth in 2016.

Here are the four key reasons why experts believe marketing automation will be grabbing headlines in a big way this year.

1. Small Businesses Will Take to Marketing Automation in a Big Way

More small businesses are expected to take the plunge and adopt automation in 2016. According to some recent statistics, 98 per cent of smaller companies interested in marketing automation software will be first time buyers because they recognize the need for a technology that allows smarter marketing and faster growth of their business. The demand for user-friendly marketing automation tools are expected to rise.

2. Companies That Know Their Customers Inside-Out Will Emerge Winners

Knowing your customer better is the key to improving conversion. Understanding your audience is the single most-important rule for success in marketing. Knowing your customer helps you adopt the right approach and create the environment to sell to them more efficiently. Also, most customers today expect the businesses they buy from, to understand their needs proactively.

Companies are eager to use technology to know their customers better and use it to for improving sales and profitability. In 2016, the demand for products that will help demystify the minds of customers will be even more as such information can be used to target and tailor campaigns. Nothing can do this better than marketing automation software.

3. Running Personalized Campaigns Will be the Norm

Increased segmentation and personalization will be the main marketing campaign drivers in 2016. A very high percentage of B2B marketers believe that segmentation is the key to improving conversion rates. Marketers are sure that in 2016, targeted personalization will play a major role in increasing customer engagement. Being laser focused on clients and sending customized messages is the way to go in 2016. There are many instances of customers abandoning a purchase because the business didn’t speak to them directly. This can be effectively tackled with improved marketing automation tools and strategies.

4. The Demand for Location-Based Automation Will Grow

In 2016, the thrust will be on real-time and location-based automation. Real-time automation can make it easy for marketers to respond to customers’ actions quickly. Campaigns that get triggered within minutes and real-time personalization can be a distinct possibility with the right marketing automation technology. Location based automation is expected to be used more prominently in 2016. Automated campaigns can be localized and made more responsive to where the customers are.

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