How Fyoosion Can Optimize Your Conversion Rates

Successful internet marketing relies on a number of factors. Gone are the days when businesses could just throw a website out there, keep their fingers crossed, and hope for the best. Just being on the net, a totally new and unfamiliar marketing venue, was an accomplishment by itself. But then things radically changed. Businesses, small and large, found that just being on the internet wasn’t enough. Why? Because it reached a point where everyone was on the internet, competing for that elusive customer’s share-of-mind.sign up

Having a site, in and of itself, was no big deal. Not only did all the Fortune 500 companies have sites, but the one-person dog grooming shop down the street, had one as well. That is when promoting goods and services on the internet grew up. Marketing dollars began shifting from traditional media such as print, TV and radio, and were funneled into web-based venues. And when that happened, Marketing Directors, CEOs and CFOs started demanding accountability for those dollars. What was working, what wasn’t, and how could site browsers be converted to become site customers – and repeat customers.

Fyoosion a pioneer in internet marketing analytics, was one of the first companies to offer strategic advice on how firms could maximize site traffic, use tools to get to know their customers better, and optimize conversion rates by making offers that visitors couldn’t refuse. How? By using a totally new set of analytical data to determine what motivates visitors to go to, stay on, buy from, and return to a customer site. There are a number of elements that go into compiling this data. But first, what do we actually mean by “conversion rates”?

 What are Conversion Rates?

 Conversion is a vital component of your site’s search strategy. It determines whether you’re turning visitors into paying customers, and at what rate. The higher the conversion rate, the better your sales and profits. Conversion rate optimization is Fyoosion’s primary goal in working with its clients. It’s getting you the biggest bang for your buck, and making certain that your marketing dollars are being spent wisely and appropriately to achieve your goals. Try Fyoosion if you want to optimize your conversion rate.

A/B Testing

A key element in optimizing conversion rates is A/B testing. Essentially, A/B testing is a method of comparing two versions of a webpage(s) against each other to ascertain which one produces better results.  A/B testing allows companies to make changes to their web pages, and at the same time mine data on the results. In many cases A/B testing has given firms a better insight as to how customers react to their products/services, often challenging time honored assumptions. For example, a tooth paste manufacturer might have based its marketing on their belief that the slogan, “Makes your teeth feel, really, really clean,” is the best way to promote their product. However, A/B testing might show that an alternative slogan, “Makes your teeth the whitest they can be,” is preferred by potential customers by a 2-to-1 margin. This simple test can result in a multi-fold increase in the manufacture’s profit.

Address Lookup and Validation

In order to sell to visitors, who come to your site, you have to know whom you’re selling to. For example, trying to sell heavy winter coats to residents of Barbados in July would be a waste of time, effort and marketing dollars. You have to validate visitors to your site to make certain that they are, in fact, solid potential customers – and worth going after. How do you do that? Fyoosion has a number of sophisticated validation tools that will check address information, thus enhancing your conversion rate. Why? Because it will improve visitors’ experience directly for your target audience.

Fraud Control

It’s a serious problem and growing more serious for companies on the internet every day, but Fyoosion has tools to combat it. By using metrics such as affiliate source, card type, shipping information, and demographics, Fyoosion has the ability to identify different types of malicious activity, and stop them in their tracks to block fraudulent activities before they corrupt your website. This can save you not only aggravation, but what could amount to catastrophic losses in inventory and sales.


 Another tool used by Fyoosion is Google Analytics. This important tool provides Fyoosion’s customers with up-to-the-minute information on trends and options – or, “what’s hot and what’s not.” Businesses can then use this analytical data to make sure their websites are in tune with market drifts, thus increasing their potential market share and sales. When coupled with Heat Mapping Analysis and Affiliate Tracking, Fyoosion is able to give its customers the information they need to pinpoint their message to the right audience, at the right time, with the right products/services. Heat Mapping Analysis is used to understand what portions of a company’s website, or webpage, are attracting the most attention, then play to that strength. Affiliate Tracking gives Fyoosion and its clients the ability to effectively manage affiliate microsite pages to fine tune their message, and motivate browsers to seek more information on the company.

Total Marketing Support and Guidance

 This is part of Fyoosion’s signature service. From Advertising Management, to Email Marketing, to Affiliate Marketing, Hosting, Business Intelligence, Reputation Management, and a lot more, Fyoosion provides its clients with expert guidance, and cutting edge technology to make sure their internet marketing goals are met – and exceeded. In this digital age when yesterday’s state-of-the-art online presence may have become today’s outdated technology, you need Fyoosion’s Marketing Automation Software Platform to keep ahead of the curve, and ahead of your competitors. Expert in all phases of online marketing, Fyoosion is the one company that has the experience, the personnel, and the marketing plan to make sure all of your digital marketing pinpoints your target customers, and gives you the best chance to succeed in the global marketplace. Doesn’t it make sense to call them?

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