The Fyoosion Benefit: Direct Marketing Automation Platform

Combining the power of the best direct marketing tools with a sophisticated yet simple automation platform is the passion of Fyoosion. Businesses of all sizes and types can realize substantial benefits by using Fyoosion’s revolutionary direct marketing automation platform.

 Features and Benefits

While every business has its own unique approach for marketing, there are certain tools that will help execute the marketing plan and make sure it stays on track and achieves the goals.

The following are some features and benefits from the Fyoosion marketing automation software solution:

Fyoosion Benefits


  • Contact Management – gather contact information from a variety of sources and maintain in one location without having to juggle multiple lists. Fyoosion has the ability to capture partial information of website visitors and then leverage that information for direct marketing purposes.  Create lists for email newsletters, special promotions, or social media campaigns.  Maintain subscription lists and other types of lists without duplicating efforts.
  • SEO Tuning – make sure your search engine optimization efforts generate the results you need. Update enriched content information across multiple web pages including brand sites and affiliate microsites.  Routinely analyze SEO effectiveness through AB Testing and analytics to make sure your information is kept fresh and entices visitors to convert to customers.
  • Fact-Based Decisions – an enormous amount of data is available to help you make solid marketing choices based on facts. Get insights through heat maps on what portions of your web pages attract the most attention.  Learn what geographic regions or income levels your visitors originate and create powerful marketing tailored to your audience.
  • Customer Service – give your visitors the choice of click to chat, email or phone through special tools in the Fyoosion solutions. Providing these choices presents the opportunity for your customer service staff to excel in their duties by creating upsell opportunities and encouraging the customer to make a purchase decision.
  • Retention Tools – the experts at Fyoosion understand that one of the most frustrating statistics is bounce rate or visitors that leave before completing a purchase. With the Exit Pop and Exit Intent tools you can have one more opportunity to retain the customer and make the sale by providing a last minute offer.
  • Lead Generation – By integrating multiple tools into a single platform you can generate leads from various channels and then manage those leads based on your own business rules. Gather basic email, phone, or other information from social media, email lists, web site visitors, affiliate pages and other sources.  Then qualify the leads and launch direct marketing initiatives to attract the customers and get them back to your web site.
  • In-depth Reporting – from executive level summary reports down to detailed analytics, Fyoosion has a robust reporting tool that presents pre-configured reports plus the ability to create your own custom reports based around your own business needs. These reports can provide valuable insights into your marketing activities and help you to make decisions on what areas are performing well and which areas need to be reviewed.


Taking Marketing Performance to a New Level

The professionals at Fyoosion have found the perfect balance of fully integrated best in class products plus specialized applications that will compliment your marketing strategy and help you execute successfully.

Whether you are a startup business looking to develop new marketing initiatives, a medium sized company ready to expand or introduce new services, or a large enterprise that needs to streamline systems and make the most out of the marketing budget – Fyoosion has the ability to scale up or down to meet your own unique business needs.

Why waste time on multiple niche applications when you can get the benefits from a comprehensive direct marketing automation solution?  Choose Fyoosion for your marketing success.